Our Bespoke Consumables Service

Our aim is to substantially reduce your printing costs.

We firstly look at the consumables that you use.

Then if we feel their their are savings to be made we will try to source the toners and ink cartridges you use.

We have a constant supply of new stock. When we find the toner or cartridge you require we will contact you. and supply you with the cartridges you need.  Hopefully a considerable saving can be made.

There is no cost to this service apart from the cost of the cartridges. We do not however carry a large stock in every item and do no promise to have constant availability.

We may also reccomend partner companies that can supply reconditioned printers.  Along with our low cost toners a new printer can provide considerable savings.

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It is difficult to quantify exactly how many toners we save from being disposed of in landfill. This is because it is not allways possible to know which toners would have been thrown away. We know however many would howver because there is no market for many of the items we purchase.

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Puchasing Toners

We buy unwanted, unused toner cartridges. Many companies and individuals have toner cartridges lying around often because they have replaced a printer and still have spare cartridges in stock. We buy toners that other companies will not purchase.

Send us the make and model number of your cartridges and we will then quote you a price. If you are happy with the price we can either collect if practical or send a courier to pick up the cartridges.

Unlike many companies we buy remanufactured toners and those made by the original manufacturer. We will also accept cartridges with damaged boxes or even no box at all.

If you want to sell your toner cartridges its good idea is to send us a picture of your cartridges as the type of packaging (new style or old style) can also affect the price paid. We can pay cash when we pick when we pick up cartridges directly from you otherwise we will pay by cheque or bank transfer

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Working with recyclers

We work with several toner and ink cartridge recyclers.

We purchase many toners and cartridges that other companies will not buy. This can create a new income stream for your company.

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